hello! this page is where you can learn more about the person behind this website. i started learning html/css specifically to make my own website, and finally i am putting my newfound skills into practice. i really enjoy making lists of things, and lists of lists, etc. so i'm sure that is a central theme you will find throughout this website.

i am also trying to give myself a personal space where i can say or do anything i want. for many years, i've been really fixated on others' perceptions of me, and learned to suppress parts of myself to be most appealing to anyone i interact with. but then i found out it really sucks! and i had absolutely no idea who i was. so this is also an exercise in creating something purely for myself, regardless of what anyone thinks of it, and to keep track of the things that make me happy and... me. although something could be said about websites inherently being for others to view them, i really am the kind of person that will make an entire site only for my viewing (and i have before (and i will again)).

i rarely overshare online like i used to as a young teenager. that said, i want to keep my personal info and characteristics mostly private, save the "hints" you can find around the site. i still want to share this website with others in case they like the things i do, or feel the same ways i do, or even if the design just makes them happy to look at. i often wonder if one day, this website will be a look into my life at this moment in time for websurfers to stumble across. if that's you... well, here you go!

Age: 21+

Location: USA

Created with: 98.css