advertisement for a tamasma card with various tamagotchi characters

welcome to .mandarin! i created it as a way to teach myself basic web design and to have a fun, creative space for myself without fear of judgement! here take this:

a pink with cherries tamagotchi connection

congerqats! you got a tamagotchi connection! take good care of him!!!

i found my update timeline btw
8/19/23 - I MADE A SITE BUTTON FINALLY!! look to the left oh yeah. also on my about page
7/1/23 - adding fun stuff. finally registered for a guestbook, linked at the top of the page!
6/17/23 - minor updates. writing up info for pages mostly.
5/23/23 - creating designs i actually like even if it kills me. today: fansite css update. slowly linking things. if somethings broken i intended it
5/2/23 - new site name!
4/9/23 - fixing links and pages.
2/11/23 - making steady progress on fansite.
1/29/23 - attempting to begin THE FANSITE.
1/15/23 - started creating new pages, added diary entry, edited css slightly
11/19/22 - complete overhaul of site.

and finally,

a black and white image of a cat that reads please; don't let the cops in, or the cats out